Monday, 22 August 2011

Dental computer

It is true computers have changed our life. It has made our lives easy. Now we are able to take up more tasks because of the use of computers. Perhaps there is no field which is not supported by computers. Be it issue of railway tickets or payment of school fee for children or treatment by a doctor, computer finds a place.

Computers in medical field:

Computers have come in a big way in the medical field. Its help is as important in an operation theater as it is in treating a patient undergoing treatment on his bed. It has made its inroads into the dental medicine too. The role of a dentist is now recognized as extremely crucial in promoting a healthy society. The food we eat first comes in contact with our teeth and then it gets into the stomach. So, poor dental health will affect the health of the entire body.

The dentist plays multifarious role; he examines the patient, takes x-ray, extracts teeth or fills up cavity, aligns the teeth and so on. With too many patients each day, it would be very difficult for him to keep track of all the patients and therefore follow up would become very difficult. Now the dentist can use his dental computer to keep a track of all his professional work. The dental computer or dental software now available in the market is so versatile that the dentist can keep a tract of the name of the patient, the treatments given to him including the medicines given, results of various tests, follow up dates etc can be recorded on the system. Apart from this, some software also provides details about his membership to various professional organizations.

The Dental computer is user friendly and it can also be programmed to meet the needs of individual client. It has powerful back up facilities. Another important feature of the Dental computer or dental computer software is that if one of the utilities of the software do not work, it does not cripple the entire software. The doctor can handle the same utilities with some other mode. Therefore, the work keeps going unhindered. This is one of the major utilities on Dental computer.

Many of the Dental Computer manufacturers provide the user with trial run for certain period of time. During this time, the appropriate staff of the clinic is trained in its operation. This will give an opportunity for the doctor to assess its utility.

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