Monday, 22 August 2011

Dental pc

The job of a dentist is such that it requires precession in treatment and before each subsequent treatment he has to have detailed information of the case history. Writing down all the information in a book is cumbersome and naturally it is very difficult for the dentist to access the information. Therefore to add comfort in his work, many software companies have invented software exclusively for the dentists and these are called as Dental PC.

Role of Dental PC:

The science of dental care and dental health is growing fast and new methods of treatment and newer and newer medicines are being introduced frequently. These treatment methods require complete updating of the patients history and the treatment he has taken earlier and other health parameters. Jotting down all this information is vital for the dentist. For all these the doctor requires a powerful and most reliable Dental PC. Any malfunctioning of the PC would only hamper the work of the dentist and ultimately it is patient who suffers. This is particularly true where the dentist enters the results of the X ray and the image or the radiography details on the Dental PC.

Support to the dentist:

The hardware support and the compatibility of the software with the hardware is the core issue for the effective functioning of the Dental PC. In addition to this, the manufacturer must be able to provide enough hardware and software support also. In the absence of this support the entire exercise of installing the system in the clinic would be a futile exercise.

Warranty clause is yet another important aspect in the purchase of this system. Many of the manufactures offer one year warranty while others offer more than three years warranty. In addition to maintenance during the warranty, the manufacturer must be able to provide warranty even beyond the warranty period. The manufacturer must have wide based service units with qualified and experienced technicians who would be able to reach the client as early as possible. Apart from this, the manufacturer must have helpline which should operate 24/7.

The manufacturer must be in constant contact with his clients either over telephone or through email or SMS. This gives an assurance to the client about the after sales service. The dentist is wholly dependent upon the dental PC and therefore the manufacturer should ensure that enough back up is created and doctor should be able to access the information with as minimum operation as possible.

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