Monday, 22 August 2011

Dentrix support

Dentrix is software that is widely used in USA by dental fraternity. This software is tailor made for the use by dentists. Every aspect of dental care is carefully crafted into this software. The Dentrix support has made the job for all dentists easy. The dentist can mark the treatment in detail and he can also enter details after every follow up. It stores even the images of the x ray taken and there is provision for entering the results of various investigations that are carried out from time to time. In other words, Dentrix support is an integration of all aspects of dental medicine.

Installation and support:

The Dentrix support software is very easy to install. There are many computer software firms who would come at a telephone call and would install the software. Inventions are going on in the medical field as in other fields of science and technology. This is true of dental care also. When new line of treatment is invented, we find that Dentrix immediately updates its support software incorporating the new line of treatment. The updating can be carried out by all the clients on their respective computer and it can be made online. So, Dentrix support is a continuous activity and the support is available 24/7. Experts say that Dentrix support is so versatile that it has with it the Radiography digital software also.

The Dentrix support software is rugged and is dependable. The software support by a team of experienced technicians ensures that the software is protected from viruses. In fact, no other agency can provide the quality support that Dentrix can provide. The other technically competent agency who can take care of the Dentrix is the I Teeth. They are specialized in taking care of Dentrix support.

Both Dentrix and I Teeth enter into Annual Maintenance Contract and during this period they take care of the software, provide enough back up, attend to emergency call etc. They also provide telephone service to their clients and if the telephone service cannot solve the problem then their experienced technicians would visit the site at the earliest possible time. This type of communication network with the client is not found in other software. The Dentrix support is so positive that the dentist can be assured that at no point it hampers his work.

Dentrix support is available at a reasonable price. Payments can be on EMI basis also. Dentrix is dental hospital put into the computer.

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